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LIZARD® NDE is a world leader in the field of advanced non-destructive testing technologies and the home of the LIZARD® brand. LIZARD® is a technology capable of providing Alternating Current Field Measurement, Classic Phase Plane Impedance and our exclusive Field Gradient Imaging data from a single scan pass, whether array or single element. Driven by the realities faced by clients and from listening carefully to feedback from inspection personnel in the field, the LIZARD® technology continues to evolve into one of the most innovative and exciting NDE products on the market.

Lizard® NDE manufacture exclusively in the UK using high quality components and professional engineering know how. Software development is also kept in-house with constant re-assessment and innovation of all of the products to ensure the LIZARD® technology continues to push the envelope of advanced NDT.

We strive to provide not only the best NDE product but also the level of support that is demanded from the tough operating environment of our clients. We understand the difficulties faced on site including the demanding timescales involved and therefore make every effort to minimise downtime wherever possible and whatever the cause. As a result of this ethos our Lizard® M8 range has been deliberately designed to take advantage of readily available third party items such as batteries and power supplies to enable clients to source locally in the first instance. We also allow direct download copies of the LIZARD® LISS inspection software through our website in the event of a PC/laptop failure for registered clients.

We at Lizard® NDE recognise the realities, difficulties and requirements of the NDT world. Therefore our ethos is to strive to exceed our client’s expectations with world leading technology and support.

Lizard M8 System Eddy Current, Alternating Current Field Measurement, EMA (Electromagnetic Array) and FGI (Field Gradient Imaging)


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